Nightmare From Beyond the Stars: 13 of the Scariest Science Fiction Films

This week, I’m taking you on a journey through the most spine-chilling corners of the universe—think of it as a “Kessel Run” through cinematic terror! From bloodthirsty mad scientists to creatures from the dark side of the moon, these are my picks for the 13 most terrifying films that blend the unknown wonders of science

Exploring the Vast Universe of Science Fiction Themes

As the countdown to our Moon Rocks Sci-Fi short film competition begins, launching in just one week on Wednesday, May 22nd, we’re diving into the vast universe of science fiction themes to ignite your creativity and get you in the mood for our upcoming event! Science fiction has always been a gateway to exploring imaginative

A Year In Review

With the conclusion of our third Carson City Shorts film competition, “Love Notes,” we mark the close of a remarkable year at Silver State Storytellers. After a brief period of rest and reflection, we are excited to celebrate our achievements, learn from our experiences, and eagerly anticipate what lies ahead. Successes: We are thrilled by

Dressing for the Silver Screen: A Guide to Awards Show Attire

Welcome to the glitz and glamour of the silver screen! As we prepare for our upcoming awards show, finding the perfect outfit is key to standing out on the red carpet. Whether you’re channeling your inner movie star or going for a more casual chic look, we’ve got you covered with our guide to awards

Innovative Approaches to Film Editing

Okay, you’ve shot all of your footage and now you have all of these clips. Now what? In the world of filmmaking, the editing process is where raw footage transforms into a captivating narrative. Aspiring filmmakers often overlook the creative potential of editing, viewing it merely as a technical task. However, editing is where you

Filmmaking Tips For First-Time Directors

Lights, Camera, Action: Essential Filmmaking Tips for First-Time Directors! Embarking on the journey of creating your first movie can be both thrilling and daunting. As a first-time filmmaker, you’ll undoubtedly encounter challenges and uncertainties, but with the right guidance, your passion and creativity can shine through. In this blog, we’ll explore some essential tips to

Bloody Embrace: Horror’s Sultriest Love Stories

As the team at Silver State Storytellers prepares to dive into the enchanting world of love stories with our upcoming “Love Notes” short film competition, I thought it would be fun to explore the unconventional allure of darkly romantic horror films. Back when I was a competitor in these competitions, our team was scolded for

Dreaming Big: A Shared Performing Arts Hub for the Community

At Silver State Storytellers, our ambitions have taken flight, and we’re thrilled to share a groundbreaking project in motion. We’ve joined forces with Sierra Nevada Ballet, Steinway Piano Gallery & Academy, and Sierra School of Performing Arts to bring to life a shared performing arts hub. A Collaborative Haven for the Arts: Imagine a space

Empowering Dreams: Silver State Storytellers Mentors Future Filmmakers

On Saturday, November 11th, the Silver State Storytellers Board of Directors embarked on a transformative journey at the Cordillera International Film Festival’s Future Filmmakers Challenge. Nestled within the creative haven of the McKinley Center for the Arts in Reno, our board members had the distinct pleasure of mentoring a group of bright minds from the