Welcome to the Audience Choice voting page for the City Wide Short Film Competition! Here is your chance to have a say in determining the film that captures your heart and resonates with you the most. We invite you to watch the incredible films created by our talented local filmmakers and cast your vote for your favorite.

Every film in this competition represents the dedication, creativity, and passion of the filmmakers who have poured their hearts into their projects. As an audience member, your vote holds great significance as you play a crucial role in recognizing and supporting their remarkable achievements.

To cast your vote, simply select your favorite film from the list below and click on the “Vote” button. Remember, you can only vote once, so choose wisely! The film with the highest number of votes will receive the coveted Audience Choice Award during our awards ceremony.

Thank you for being an active participant in this celebration of filmmaking talent. Your support means the world to us and the filmmakers. So sit back, enjoy the films, and let your voice be heard by casting your vote for the film that has touched your soul.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference and be a part of the City Wide Short Film Competition’s Audience Choice Award. Thank you for your participation and appreciation of the cinematic arts!

Note: The winner of the Audience Choice Award will be announced during the awards ceremony, so make sure to join us for that thrilling moment!

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